C-THR81-1505 復習対策 & P-ADMSEC-731 試験解説問題


NO.1 Which of the following SAP System Communication paths can be protected by SNC (Secure
Communication)? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.
A. AS ABAP -> AS Java.
B. AS Java -> Web Server.
C. External program -> AS ABAP.
D. AS Java -> AS ABAP.
E. AS ABAP -> LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) enabled directory server.
Answer: A,C,D

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NO.2 Which of the following methods allows you to establish a secure connection between the
Deployment Manager (SDM) and its remote GUI?
A. Virtual private network (VPN).
B. IPSec.
C. Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
D. HTTPS tunneling.
Answer: A

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NO.3 Which of the following statements regarding transport of roles are true? Note: There are 3
answers to this question.
A. To check if roles were changed, you can use table: TMSTCRI during transports.
B. SAP recommends transporting roles via downloads and uploads.
C. Roles can only be transported if the quality assurance approval procedure is active.
D. You can read roles from other systems using RFC.
E. Roles can be compared across systems using the user information system (SUIM).
Answer: A,D,E

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NO.4 Which of the following considerations are important if a customer plans to use the Internet
Manager (ICM) in SAP NetWeaver AS 7.0, together with Microsoft Internet Explorer?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
A. The use of the TCP/IP ports must be agreed with the security/network department.
B. The location of the SAP NetWeaver AS 7.0 within the network topology must be agreed with the
network department.
C. The SAP Gateway Port 3300 must be taken into consideration for the ICM.
Answer: A,B

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あなたのIT能力が権威的に認められるのがほしいですか。SAPのC-THR81-1505 復習対策に合格するのは最良の方法の一です。我々JPexamの開発するSAPのC-THR81-1505 復習対策はあなたに一番速い速度でSAPのC-THR81-1505 復習対策のコツを把握させることができます。豊富な資料、便利なページ構成と購入した一年間の無料更新はあなたにSAPのC-THR81-1505 復習対策に合格させる最高の支持です。

試験科目:SAP Certified Application Associate - SuccessFactors Employee Central Q2/2015
問題と解答:全105問 C-THR81-1505 復習対策

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問題と解答:全80問 P-ADMSEC-731 試験解説問題

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P-ADMSEC-731 試験解説問題の商品はIT業界の専門家が自分の豊かな知識と経験を利用して認証試験に対して研究出たので品質がいいの試験の資料でございます。受験者がP-ADMSEC-731 試験解説問題を選択したら高度専門の試験に100%合格することが問題にならないと保証いたします。

君はまずネットで無料な部分のSAP認証試験をダウンロードして現場の試験の雰囲気を感じて試験に上手になりますよ。SAPのP-ADMSEC-731 試験解説問題に失敗したら弊社は全額で返金するのを保証いたします。